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Who's too chicken to dance in public ? Who's too chicken to dip bananas in spicy sauce ? Who's too chicken to parade around with their underwear as headwear ? Not me.

Only along with the combo you get...

As the nail polish has started fading off the tips of my fingernails I'm aware it's time to pick another colour to give them a make over and to update you guys with what's going on. Last Thursday, Slushé had a jam session and we came up with a few new covers which are up on my Facebook profile. Hope you guys have the time to check it out and provide feedback which will appreciated well!

Ten again

Sitting in the living room of my grandparent's place for the 2nd day of my break I could almost lose myself to reminiscence. Other than the fact our 2005 family photograph in right in my face at this moment, listening to Bo Amir Iqram's Ten Again invites nostalgic moments of me & my cousins running around this very place playing tag or smashing chocolate cake into each others faces during birthday gatherings. Until this very day, when everybody gets together there is no limit to laughter and noise our crowd offers but a lot has change as now I am the only one tip-tapping away on the notebook waiting for my cousin to come get me before we go to watch... *over excited smile* Pirates Of The Carribean 3! So, I admit not everything has changed. :)

One of those days

I have a feeling the planets and stars just shifted giving us an all-year-round Sun eclipse 'cause I'm somehow back on Blogger! Finally, after completing a pretty in-detail book review I thought I should spare Fresh But Still Fishy some attention before I get caught digging for nachos again. Valentine's Day for 2011 was a blast of love for me or well, to be more accurate for US! I lost count of how many long whiny love letters my friends got me writing during History class but I don't think it's wrong to think and write about love once during that class instead of discussing about how there wasn't as much love back then. There were just a lot of cows, paddy fields and the love the cows show to the paddy by digesting them in four different stomachs...

For this Valentine's, I'm accepting everyone and anyone as my valentine. And you will be receiving my Belgium imported chocolates sided with Haagen-Daze in 5 years time. We love to love!

Made it

It was my first new year's spent in the emergency ward of a hospital in Ipoh. I had five different shots and a line drawn into my right hand but it wasn't too bad since my own uncle who is a respected surgeon was there treating me for.. food poisoning. The first of January wasn't too much of a blast for me but I was relieved I didn't have to spend anymore time locked up in my aunt's washroom with the tap running.

Sometimes we can brood about not getting to watch the fireworks for new year's or not being able to go for a party but the best thing to do is to be happy with the people we have around us to enjoy that moment with even if it's at the crappiest burger stall down the street.

Lets keep the love alive for the rest of 2011! Happy new year everbodyyyy. Oh god.. back to school tomorrow haha.


Last weekend's Facilitators' Camp turned out to be more like a 72 hour holiday at Sugam Karnatica. 12 good friends I haven't caught sight of for the past year, a big house and no "lights-out" time -endless fun! The highlight for the weekend though was discovering on a lovely Sunday evening while rolling around the gentle grass that we had fluent-tamil-speaking chinese neighbour while ... actually cracking a few jokes about him thinking he wouldn't understand. I gotta say, what an awakening to the diversified world we have now!


Since I've been up and about lately, I haven't had much time to tap out something perhaps delicious ? My life's been a daze and somehow I do think I'm getting the best out of this oblivion. It's a relief to wake up in the morning planning out your own schedule -to go swimming, to take a walk, to get fat on tacos. It's all you ! Somehow this would work out better after half of us apply for driver's license.

I also attended a few parties over the weekend. The semi-motive of yesterday's potluck gathering was to provide us a simple briefing on the end-year camp for 2010, the main motive was to eat (naturally). I'm definitely looking forward to it coming December just because of it's theme which I would say is something I can relate to and not hard for you guys to guess either ! No ... it's not about underwears if that came to mind to make things clear haha.

I better go take my shower before the next ep of Castle starts and if you haven't heard of the show I would be speechless. Adios for now friends ? If you are my friends. Oh gosh hope I don't have haters. I think people would be the safest term ...

Lets Say It's Easy

The finals can be considered over by now. I'm just expecting to pass everything this time around. :)

And I've been away long enough to almost forgot how to sign into Blogger. How hard can youprobablythinkimgonnatellyoumypasswordherebutimnot to forget, right ?

My shoulders have loosened up a little ever since last Friday when I knocked out for 14 hours straight. Pure serenity I tell you. But I know I can't beat some of my other homies, they hibernate !

Time to get started on that bucket list !